The project that’s destroying the world


Gwen Dreessen

The Willow Project is a danger to Alaska’s wildlife.

U.S. president Joe Biden has approved a new government project, the Willow Project, that will affect future generations in a horrible way.

The Willow Project is a plan that will allow for the drilling of oil at the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska, which will cost the U.S. around eight billion dollars and take decades to complete.

As a part of the youth generation, fear for my health is rising due to the 239 metric tons of carbon emissions that will be released into the air in the span of the next 30 years. Non-profit organization Defenders of Wildlife announced that this amount of carbon emissions is “the equivalent of an extra two million cars on the road each year for thirty years.” Carbon emissions will increase the disaster of climate change, and Alaska’s icebergs and animal species will be some of the most affected.

Since Alaska will suffer the most problems from this project, many living species will be in danger.  The government isn’t necessarily allowed to harm any living species during any of these projects, but the Willow Project is a different story, indirectly. The government has authorized activities which do, in fact, harm the animals, although protections are in place to ensure they don’t harm the population.

No animals deserve to be put in danger over oil drilling. The government is putting living, breathing creatures, ones that do humans no harm, in danger for its own benefit.

Defenders of Wildlife writes that “a mother polar bear will choose death over leaving her cubs alone.” If climate change or oil spills occur, the government’s kill count limit doesn’t matter because no matter what, these species will be harmed by these disasters.

Millions of citizens, children to adults, signed petitions, donated money and held protests against The Willow Project because of its environmental effects. However, all of these voices didn’t seem to mean anything to the government workers, who ignored them and approved the project anyway.

As one who signed a petition to stop The Willow Project, I believe that The Willow Project will do more harm than good. With all the damage it will cause in such a short period of time, its risk is not worth the reward.