Boys Track and Field team take starting line for 2019 season

Delaware Valley Regional High School Track and Field Running Lanes

Delaware Valley Regional High School Track and Field Running Lanes

Hannah Chiswick, The Delphi Staff

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Head Boys Track and Field Coach and Del Val coach of two years, Kathleen Harvey, spoke eagerly on behalf of the boys team thus far into the season. She capitalized on hers and Head Girls Coach, Bill Petty, being able to “bond the two teams together, to make it the track team.” Harvey also highlighted the upperclassmen’s ability to work with, and provide help to, the several new faces and younger athletes on the team this year.

When asked what Coach Harvey finds most special about this season, she says, “the fact that I get to be head boys coach. I really enjoy working in that capacity…and getting to know all of the boys in every event of track and field. Everyone’s different personalities, it’s just different than working with only the sprinting and hurdling team.”

To conclude the interview, Harvey featured quite a few team members as key contributors to the program: juniors Kyle Reers and Matt Zdepski for their enthusiasm and versatility, junior Zach Pryor for being the hardest worker, senior Nick DiBetta for his skills in various areas, and seniors Giancarlo Calcavecchio, Colin Pursell, and Pietro Mandato for their hard work and leadership.

At the first meet at Metuchen High School on April 6th, the boys shot put and discus placed 8th while javelin placed 2nd overall; Nick DiBetta placed 8th for long jump, boys 4×2 and 4×1 placed 7th overall, and boys SMR heat 2 placed 6th. Kyle Reers ran 2nd in boys 400 hurdles, breaking the school record. Lastly, the boys Sprint Medley Relay team (SMR) heat 1 placed 1st. Keep working hard track and field throwers, sprinters and jumpers.  The school is proud of you all!