The dark side of Disney’s “Snow White”

Not all fairy tales have storybook endings


Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license

In 1938, the first Disney Princess movie, Snow White, was released.

Audiences loved the movie, but did they know that Snow White was one of Grimms’ Fairy Tales? There is a dark side to the animated movie that so many people adore. The original Snow White started the same, with and evil queen failing to kill Snow White, Snow White is then poisoned by the queen and but wakes up when Prince Florian gives her a kiss.

What audiences don’t see in the movie, though, is Snow White and Prince Florian’s wedding. Although the evil queen attempted to kill Snow White, she was still invited to the wedding. However, there was a catch for her attendance at the wedding.

Snow White gets her revenge on the queen on Snow’s wedding day. Snow White forced the queen to dance around in shoes that were iron-hot, and the queen danced so much that she died at the wedding.

In the Grimms’ Fairy Tales version, even princesses can be the villain and get their revenge.