The Delphi’s first annual scary story contest

Mr. Smith, The Delphi Advisor

The Delphi staff is proud to present its first annual scary story contest.

In celebration of Halloween, The Delphi is offering a $25 gift card to the writer of the best scary story; however, the entries cannot exceed the length of a single tweet.  Below you will find the top 10 entries, as selected by The Delphi staff.  It is up to you, the Del Val community, to select the winner.  Please vote for the story that you believe is the scariest, most spine-chilling tale from the list.  You may vote as many times as you want to.  NOTE: Using a bot and not physically voting will lead to a reset of that story’s score. Cheating is not supported by The Delphi or its staff.  The voting will close at midnight on Halloween, and the winner will be announced on Friday, November 1st.  Happy Halloween!

*DISCLAIMER*  As this is a scary story contest, the content of the following tales may shock the reader.  Read the following tales at your own risk….

  1. He was running; he knew not from what, but knew he couldn’t stop. The footsteps grew louder; the shadowed figure was closing in. He tripped and fell to the ground; it was over. His shriek echoed through the forest, heard only by the shadow. The rescue team had given up days ago.
  2. I’ll be back, Jo tells Ed as she jumps off the couch and walks to the bathroom. Her phone starts to ring: Ed’s number. Sorry I’m late babe; be home soon, he says. Confused, Jo turns around and gasps. The last thing she sees is Ed’s pure white eyes as he thrusts a knife into her.
  3. I awoke to a feeling of breathing on my neck, cold and fetid. When it subsided I opened my eyes. If I have any regrets, it would be that I did. My wife’s body laid strewn across the floor, pale and lifeless; her blood smeared on the wall forming a sentence: LOOK BEHIND YOU.
  4. I can hear her pulled up. My heart drops in my chest, terrified, raging against my rib cage as I jump up from the couch. I race to the fridge as she walks towards the front door. She walks in as I exit the kitchen. “You took out the chicken to thaw for dinner, right?”
  5. My momma loves her rocking chair, she’s always sleeping on it. But, momma hasn’t gotten up…I tried waking her, but I can see her eyes are open. Momma loves her rocking chair…that is…until momma never woke up.
  6. I walk into Mr. Volpone’s class. Suddenly, I realize: I forgot to read.
  7. The trees poisoned the people with sap. Many that came in contact died. If the person had a cut, the sap would leak into the cut absorbing all of the blood like a sponge. Those who touched the tree died, too. The skin would rot away. The government burned all the trees and made cheap replacements. Happy Halloween.
  8. My friend and I were walking in the woods. Suddenly I didn’t see her. I looked around, and walked back and forth. Suddenly I turned around and saw her with eyes that looked like a devil. Her hand touched my shoulder and I fell to the ground. She then put a knife in my heart and strangled me to death.
  9. Attention all seniors! You are now required to take the PARCC this year! That is all.
  10. Imagine a tooth. Imagine nail clippers. Imagine cold, hard ice cream. Imagine the nail clippers severing the tooth. Imagine taking a large bite into the cold, hard ice cream. Savor the feeling of the cold touching the exposed nerves of the broken tooth. Enjoy the rest of your day.