Games Club’s Smash Ultimate tournament a success


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The Games Club tournament took over an entire wall of the Media Center

Wyatt Titus, The Delphi Editor

Games Club recently hosted a Smash Ultimate tournament in the library.

The Games Club leadership sold pizza and did an excellent job setting up multiple Nintendo Switches so the event could run several battles at the same time. The overall experience was quite fun and accepting of veteran Smash players and people new to the game. Mr. McPherson, advisor of Games Club, oversaw the event and handled updating the brackets.

The first bracket was played by having best 2 out of 3 matches between the contestants. Each contestant was allowed 2 losses, and the competitor who lost 2 matches was eliminated. The bracket was won by Hunter Trstensky, who had to defeat second place contestant, Derek Matarazzo, and third place finisher, Kyle Kunich, to claim the prize.The prizes were an Amiibo for 1st place, a set of dice for 2nd place, and a dice bag for 3rd place.

After the first bracket was complete, the attendees played casual games amongst themselves. Shortly after this break, the much faster second tournament began and this time allowed only one match per game. Derek Matarazzo won this impromptu second tournament, and no prizes were awarded as it was just for fun. 

The Smash tournament was a success and was great fun for Games Club members and non-members alike. Games Club leadership is planning to host more events like this one in the future, so keep an eye on your emails and The Delphi for more details.