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November 19, 2020

The top ten order is TimberwolvesWarriorsHornetsBullsCavaliersHawksPistonsKnicksWizards, and Suns. I want to focus on the Minnesota Timberwolves especially because, let’s face it, they’re going to blow the pick.

Just like in 2009 when they had two opportunities to draft Stephen Curry and picked Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn. The Timberwolves are such a poorly run franchise, they kill superstar’s happiness as they did with Kevin GarnettJimmy Butler, and are currently killing Karl Anthony Towns and D’Angelo Russell’s.

The ownership fails to build teams around stars, most notably Kevin Garnett. But this is their chance to make up for it and draft. Uh…Anthony Edwards? Honestly, I don’t know who the Timberwolves should draft, but they better get it right.

The Warriors have an obvious choice, James Wiseman. They have Stephen Curry, Klay ThompsonAndrew Wiggins, and Draymond Green. That’s (Chris Traeger’s voice) literally a point guard, shooting guard, small forward, and power forward. Go for the center, James Wiseman, who can easily save the Warriors’ dynasty.

Yet, my sources tell me, they love Deni Avdija, which is cool and all, but he’s a small forward. Unless they try and recreate the “death lineup,” which wouldn’t work out so well. They should go with the talented center, James Wiseman. 

I’m not going to go team by team. That would be crazy, so I’m going to skip to the Knicks. I feel weirdly optimistic, and I haven’t used the word optimistic and Knicks in the same sentence ever.

Earlier today the Knicks traded up to the 23rd pick, giving up the 27th pick and 38th pick. Along with the 8th pick, the Knicks now have to two pretty good first-round picks, which puts a lot of pressure on the totally competent Scott Perry (GM). The Knicks are, and have been, in rebuild mode for the last six years, and it’s been excruciating.

And do you know who I blame for this, Jay-Z. Jay-Z moved the Nets out of New Jersey, and into New York. If the Nets stayed in New Jersey, I would’ve been a Nets fan and would currently have future Hall of Famers Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, and possibly James Harden, on my team. But instead, I have RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson. Yay for me….

In my opinion, the Knicks should draft Killian Hayes if Obi Toppin gets drafted before the 8th pick. Hayes might be a good three-point shooter, but nobody knows for sure. He’s had stretches where he’s very good from beyond the arc and stretches where he is not.

My argument for why he could be a good three-point shooter is his free throw percentage is 84%. This is often overlooked by scouts. Free throw percentage is a great way to tell if a player is a good three-point shooter, and if they can’t make free throws how, can they make three-pointers *cough, Anthony Edwards and Lamelo Ball, cough.*

If the Knicks draft Killian Hayes and he develops nicely along with RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson, the Knicks might have something there. 

Breaking news! The Sixers just traded Al Horford and a first-round pick and a second-round pick to the Thunder for Danny Green. The Thunder now have about 500 draft picks over the next four years.

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