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The draft approaches

November 19, 2020

7:15: Fresh off of watching Rear Window for the millionth time, my one criticism is how do none of the neighbors see that he’s spying on them? All they have to do is look straight out their window and there it is James Stewart staring at you.

7:30: The NBA Draft is starting and I have a conspiracy theory. Is Anthony Edwards acting out so the Timberwolves don’t draft him, just like Andrew Wiggins did when he was traded over to the T’Wolves? I’m praying right now that Obi Toppin falls to the Knicks. C’mon God, you owe us this one.

Breaking news! Klay Thompson injured his right leg. I wonder how that impacts the Warriors pick?

Not related to the actual draft, but what’s the deal with the pre-draft lineup. Jay BilasJay WilliamsMike Schmitz, and Rece Davis? I know there’s some bad blood between Bill Simmons and ESPN, but I want him back with Jalen Rose and Magic Johnson. At least Woj is there.

7:40: It’s 20 minutes until the draft. I’m hyped, have half a bag of cheese balls, it’s been dark outside since 4:00, and for no reason, I’m wearing sunglasses. Hit it!!!

7:45: Why is Dobby being interviewed? Oh, it’s Adam Silver, my bad. 

7:50: I can’t stand this, Mike Schmitz. Is he trying to square up?

7:55: Why is Jalen Rose not doing pregame? This is wack. Jay Williams says Anthony Edwards is going number 1. Mike Schmitz predicts Lamelo (Schmitz and I are about to fight). 

8:00: The draft is just about to start, and the T’Wolves are still discussing a trade involving the number 1 pick. Adam Silver kicks off the draft with a mini-speech. Why couldn’t it be a micro speech?

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