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The clock strikes 10

November 19, 2020

10:00: The Heat are now on the clock, and they select Precious Achiuwa, power forward from Memphis. Achiuwa is a great defender and a great finisher. He is a double-double machine. This is a great pick for the Heat, who just came off of a finals loss. Achiuwa looks so unhappy for a player who is being put on a winning team and will be averaging 25 plus minutes as a rookie. 

10:06: The 76ers are on the clock, and select Tyrese Maxey, a shooting guard from Kentucky. Maxey is a shot-maker and an energetic defender. This is a great pick for the 76ers, who desperately need a shot-maker and creator. Maxey unfortunately is on an extremely dysfunctional team in the 76ers, who can’t decide whether to trade Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid

10:11: Tyrese Maxey’s voice when he cries sounds like my eight-year-old sister. Rece Davis is interviewing Doc Rivers, the new coach of the 76ers; all I’m gonna say about that is Doc River’s will have a memoir. 

10:14: The Denver Nuggets are on the clock and select Zeke Nnaji, a power forward from Arizona. Nnaji is an efficient scorer. This is a great pick for the Nuggets, rounding out their lineup nicely. Nnaji is also a talented musician…which is cool I guess. 

10:16: I’m so tired. Hey Barbadora, who’s the king of journalism now. 3,079 words and counting.

10:18: The Knicks are now on the clock again, and they select Leandro Bolmaro, a shooting guard from Argentina. Who? The Knicks are at it again, wasting a pick. Classic Knicks…. I knew they would blow a pick. Ugh. They could’ve had Tre Jones or RJ Hampton. The Knicks are sending Bolmaro to the T’Wolve’s for a 25th pick and a 33rd pick. Way to come in the clutch, Knicks! I knew they would come through….

10:25: The Bucks are on the clock and select RJ Hampton, a point guard from the United States. They are trading him to the Pelicans, and the Pelicans just traded him to the Nuggets. A great steal for the Nuggets. 

10:28: The Thunder are on the clock and select Immanuel Quickley, a point guard from Kentucky: 2019-20 SEC Player of the Year. He is a great leader and has great range, a very good pick by the Thunder. They must be taking IQ pills or something. 

10:29: Let’s take another break from basketball and talk long-form journalism. It is not dead. You can’t censor me! What’s up The New York Times? What’s poppin’?


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