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William Shakespeare is a major focus of British Literature I.

Koep: English IV CP through RVCC and British Lit I and II

This coming year, Del Val is offering students to take a RVCC CP-level English class and an honors-level British Literature course. Ms. Koep will be teaching both courses, and she has some good information about each class.

The RVCC course includes a concurrent enrollment option, and the curriculum involves mostly writing. Students will be writing a total of six essays throughout the year, while also reading non-fiction articles. There is some literature, which would be the teacher’s choice.

If you’re not sure if this course is right for you, then here’s something helpful from Ms. Koep: “I would recommend it for anyone who is looking to go to either a community college or a four year college,” Koep said.

This course is great if you’re going to RVCC because you can receive three RVCC college credits for the English composition class. If you’re going to a four year college, you can receive those English composition credits, as well. The credits can transfer to other colleges, but you need to check with each college concerning their transfer credit policies.

Ms. Koep thoroughly enjoys teaching this class because she believes it is a great class to help prep students on how to write at the level colleges require of their students.

The Honors British Literature course is a class that includes two semester courses: British Literature I and II. The curriculum includes Shakespeare, Victorian literature, and some British literary history as well. The British empire is discussed and a main focus of the course is devoted to its impact on literature. British literature origins will also be taught throughout this class.

“The first half of the year is mainly Shakespeare, British empire stuff. We cover British exploration with the colonies. It’s sort of history mixed with literature,” Koep said. “The second half of the year, which is considered British Lit II, we don’t stick to just British literature, we kinda branch out. Now that we’ve seen what British literature is like, we can see how it’s influenced other cultures. So we do a fairy tale unit and a non fiction unit with current issues.”

Ms. Koep goes on to explain why she loves British literature. “I am a Shakespeare gal though; I do love me some Willy Shakespeare.” Ms.Koep said.

Here are some books that will be discussed in the course that you may be familiar to you: Pride and Prejudice, The Lord of Rings, and Harry Potter.

Both of these classes serve great purposes for college. Whether you want the credits for college or you enjoy learning and reading British literature, these courses will definitely strike your interest.

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