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Mr. Smith: Art of Communication, Gothic Lit, and Journalistic Expression

With new courses being introduced to the English department next year, Mr. Smith, who currently teaches Journalism, AP Literature, and Public Speaking, will be teaching 3 new English courses that will count for English credit: Journalistic Writing, Analysis 3, and the paired, half-year courses: Art of Communication and Persuasion and Gothic Literature.

When asked about Gothic Literature and what students have to look forward to, Mr. Smith said that the class will read books focusing on mythology, urban legends, and horror themes. The class will take students through the history of Gothic literature, its roots in Europe, and how it made its way to America, as well as modern Gothic literature such as the work of Stephen King.

As Mr. Smith focused on Gothic literature in undergraduate school, he has a personal interest in the course and has said that it’s a fun class for students interested in literature and horror-related themes. Those interested in Gothic Literature will have to take Art of Communication and Persuasion (Public Speaking) as well if they wish to receive English class credit, as they are both half-year courses.

Art of Communication and Persuasion’s curriculum will focus on teaching students how to handle talking to crowds and giving speeches as well as class presentations. Students interested in the course will have to give several PowerPoints and speeches on various topics that they’re interested in. COVID-permitting, students will also host debates.

Having taught the class in his early days at Del Val, Mr. Smith said there’s a lot to look forward to. The class is also a part of the Concurrent Enrollment program through Seton Hall University, meaning it has transferable college credits for those who take it.

The final course Mr. Smith is teaching is Journalistic Writing and Analysis 3. To take this class, you must have taken Journalism 1 and 2, and have received a letter of recommendation from Mr. Smith. Smith has said that students interested in writing, reporting, staying informed should look into this course. The curriculum of Journalistic Writing and Analysis 3 focuses on digital publishing, the different styles of publishing, and taking a leadership role in helping edit stories for The Delphi.

Mr. Smith has said he’s very excited to teach these new courses, and as someone who loves what he does, he looks forward to leading these classes next year. Mr. Smith also believes this is an opportunity for students to take classes they really enjoy. So to any students interested in horror, public speaking, and writing, it’s a good idea look into these courses and what they have to offer.

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