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Mrs Esposito: Creative Writing and Crime and Literature

The 2021-2022 school year will be adding new classes for students interested in writing and literature, and Mrs. Esposito is running two new classes this next year: Creative Writing, and Crime and Literature.

Creative writing will switch from an elective class to an English course that will be eligible for concurrent enrollment. The course is in its 17th year at Del Val, but it is now eligible for concurrent enrollment.  The class covers short fiction, poetry, playwriting, and creative non-fiction. 

Mrs. Esposito cites that this class is a way for students to get English credits through writing rather than a usual English class which has more emphasis on reading comprehension.  The class is an honors-track course, since it is a part of concurrent enrollment, but it is available for anyone looking for a challenge or for creative writing.  Mrs. Esposito will run the class in a workshop manner since she wants to provide an opportunity for students to write, instead of simply studying writing. 

Crime and Literature is a brand new English class, which not only looks at crime itself, but it also dives deeper into reporting, portrayal of crimes, perception of criminals, and dramatization. The class should also examine various pieces of literature involving crimes, specifically Sherlock Holmes.  The class will look at crime history all the way through to the present day. 

This class is available to be taken by anyone, and it is similar to a college prep or academic-level course.  It is similar to Gothic Literature, with Mr. Smith, with its fascination of darkness and mystery.  Esposito is especially interested in teaching about crime, and the capacity of the human mind and spirit, in this class. 

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