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Choir Courses with Mr. Noa

Choir courses at Delaware Valley Regional High School are making a major comeback for the 2021-22 school year.

There are a total of five choirs at Del Val (Concert Choir, Vox Auri, Vox Blue, Soprano-Alto, and Tenor-Bass), three of which are extracurricular activities.

Concert Choir, a course available to any and all students, is a perfect way to get started with the musical ensembles found at Del Val and is recommended as the first choir course students take.

Those who are familiar with singing in choirs throughout elementary and middle school will find a similar atmosphere in Del Val’s Concert Choir course, where students from all grade levels come together to perform unique and exciting pieces.

“If you’ve never sung before and you’re interested in singing, or if you’ve sung in the past and want to get back into it, Concert Choir is the place for you,” said Nicolas Noa, Del Val’s new choir director.

Vox Auri, another in-class choir course, is an audition-based choir, where students must have completed at least one year of Concert Choir before auditioning. This choir’s curriculum and repertoire are more advanced and tend to represent the sound of a more traditional choir.

Students can also audition for extra-curricular choirs, including Soprano-Alto choir, Tenor-Bass choir, and Vox Blue. These choirs perform songs within many different genres, with the main focus being on pop culture.

Many of the skills students are introduced to in Concert Choir are extended in these choirs, giving them the opportunity to build on their experience and musical knowledge. Rehearsals take place after school or during unit lunch.

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