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The draft begins

November 19, 2020

8:05: The T’Wolves are officially on the clock. They have five minutes to choose who they want to draft. The obvious choice is Anthony Edwards, but knowing the Wolves, they’ll pick Lamelo. I should mention Anthony Edwards didn’t impress in any of his workouts for teams. And it’s an open secret among NBA GMs that Lamelo Ball will fall in the draft because of his faults. 

8:10: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1…….. The T’Wolves select…Anthony Edwards!!!! Not a surprise. The Wolves didn’t make their pick until the very last second, so I guess they weren’t wowed by any trade offers. Anthony Edwards is a great scorer, and he is a great inside scorer and a gifted finisher. Although he takes way too many threes, only shooting 29% from downtown, how will he readjust his game? Or will he? Edwards has hinted that he doesn’t care about basketball too much. Schmitz just said that Edwards could be a Donovan Mitchell-type player. I swear he’s on my last nerve.

8:20: The Warriors are on the clock. Do they go for talented big man, James Wiseman, or a guard like Tyrese Haliburton. After it was reported, Thompson seriously injured his lower right leg. The Warriors stick to their game plan and draft James Wiseman. Wiseman is a great finisher, rim protector, and rebounder. His jump shot needs to improve, along with his basketball IQ, but that will come along with the right coaching, which Steve Kerr will provide. With a lot of upsides, I think James Wiseman will become one of the greatest centers of all time. 

8:25: The Charlotte Hornets are on the clock, and surprisingly, they are looking like the favorites to draft Lamelo Ball. I hope they draft him so the Knicks don’t.

The Hornets select Lamelo Ball, and Lavar’s reaction is priceless. Lavar looked like a deer in headlights. Lavar and Michael Jordan have to coexist together, which is probably the greatest thing to happen in 2020. Lavar has a huge ego, and so does MJ. That relationship is not going to fare well for Lamelo. He needs to improve his jump shot, improve his passing a little bit, and needs to improve his defense. So nothing important. 

8:30: The Bulls pick Patrick Williams, which is a huge shock!!! I’m in disbelief! Williams wasn’t even a starter. He was on nobody’s list for the top ten. The Bulls pass on Obi and Deni for Patrick Williams. I can’t believe it!

On the positive side, he is a pure athlete with a great build. This could be the moment we look back on and say “why did the Bulls pass on Deni or Obi, for Patrick Williams?” Let’s see what Billy Donovan does with Williams, but one thing is for sure: under new coach Billy Donovan, the Bulls will never make it out of the first round. 

8:35: The Cavaliers are on the clock, and are fielding offers. Now I’m hearing that they are looking at Isaac Okoro: small forward from Auburn. Could Deni or Obi fall right on the Knick’s lap? Fingers crossed!! Please God please, let Deni or Obi come to the Knicks!

The Cavaliers select, Isaac Okoro. Wooooooohooooooooo! The Knicks might just pull off the steal of the 21st century! Okoro is a great defender and a phenomenal athlete. He is a great offensive rebounder and a great finisher. Okoro reminds me of Demar Derozan, who doesn’t have an elite jump shot but is a great finisher. 

8:40: The Hawks are on the clock and Woj is reporting that they are looking at Onyeka Okongwu. Okongwu has been compared to John Collins and Montrezl Harrell. His defense is unbelievably good, and even though his offense isn’t great, he will improve. The Hawks need a great defender to make up for Trae Young. If the Hawks go with Okongwu, they will be a contender in four or five years. The Hawks officially select: Onyeka Okongwu! 

8:45: The Pistons are now on the clock, and they are looking at Killian Hayes, which means Obi Toppin will fall right to the Knicks. Let’s go!

Killian Hayes is a point guard who has been compared to Ben Simmons because of his size. Hayes shot 45% from the field, and 39% from the three-point range which is great because he can only go up from there. Hayes is a great playmaker and a good ball handler; however, he is not a great athlete yet and has a long way to go. 

8:50: The Knicks, my favorite team, are on the clock, and this could be the defining moment for the Knicks. Will they go big with Obi Toppin or Deni Avdija, or go smaller with Tyrese Haliburton. Schmitz is saying to get Haliburton. Somebody hold me back, hold me back!!!!! YESSSSSSSS! Obi Toppin is a New York Knick!

Toppin is an explosive finisher and a great athlete. Toppin isn’t the greatest perimeter defender and can be beaten easily on the drive, but his upside is way better than his weaknesses. Obi is from New York and now plays for the New York Knicks. He’s home. Take that Schmitz!

9:00: The Wizards are now on the clock, and they select Deni Avdija. I have to say I am very surprised to see Deni fall to 9. He’s a good shooter, a good defender, and has a great basketball IQ. His jump shot is a little funky and could be a problem in the NBA, and he doesn’t have a quick first step, but Avdija’s weaknesses don’t compare to his strengths, and he will be a force for a long time to come. 

9:05: The Suns are now on the clock and they select Jalen Smith. Smith is great at stretching the floor, shooting, and he has a monstrous wingspan. His weaknesses are significant, mainly because he isn’t that big. He weighs 230 pounds and doesn’t have a great post-game, which is big for a power forward. Smith is lucky he has mentors like Devin Booker and Chris Paul, and he will grow up with Deandre Ayton

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