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October 28, 2021

Patrick Mancini is a current BOE member who represents Holland Township.

Patrick Mancini

Patrick Mancini is a current BOE member who represents Holland Township.

Patrick Mancini is a current DVRHS Board of Education representative for Holland Township, and he is running for reelection in 2021.

When it comes to education, Mancini admits that controversial issues can be complicated when it comes to teaching and learning in the classroom.

Controversial issues are defined in Del Val policy as a topic in which opposing points of view have been expressed and are likely to rouse support and opposition in the community,” Mancini said. “As a board member, I would rely on our existing policies when it comes to teaching and learning controversial issues within the classroom. These topics should be discussed in an open, thought-provoking manner absent of any personal bias.”

Mancini is also aware of the major impact that a school’s budget has on the education that a school can provide. When it comes to Mancini’s top school budget priorities, “[his] priority is to provide an expanding educational and extracurricular experience for all students.  Budgets should be created with the mission and vision of Del Val in mind.  In the current environment, budget cuts are the biggest concern, so the priority is maintaining and expanding current programs, teams, clubs, etc. without negatively impacting students.”

Another conflict that a BOE faces is managing budget cuts due to declines in state funding for DVRHS.

“As a sitting board member, I would rely on the recommendations of the superintendent and business administrator in order to achieve a balanced budget,” Mancini said. “When facing cuts, my goal, and the goal of the administration, is to present a balanced budget that has the least impact on students.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has also made a significant impact on education, and Mancini believes that the effects of the pandemic will be long-lasting.

Yes, the pandemic has changed education permanently.  Teachers and students demonstrated tremendous resiliency and resourcefulness with the use of technology and creative ways of teaching, but while the health and safety of our students is always the top priority, it is critical that kids are in school,” said Mancini.

However, Mancini also believes that Del Val’s pandemic response revealed benefits on the technological side of teaching and learning, as the school learned to utilize apps like Zoom to keep education going.

The curriculum is always changing at Del Val, and elements are being added and removed each year.  Mancini has one idea in particular that he would like to see added into the curriculum.

“Based on the board goals, I would like to see a service learning expectation added to the curriculum or graduation requirements. This would help provide students real workforce experience while providing a service to the community,” Mancini said.

I graduated from Del Val and have a great sense of pride in the school.  I am running for the BOE to help provide current and future students of Del Val at least an equally positive experience as I had as a student and athlete.”

— Patrick Mancini

Mancini also has goals for Del Val that go beyond the classroom.

“Del Val should provide the most attractive and conducive learning environment possible to attract our students and keep them all engaged in and out of the classroom.  That can come in the form of various facility improvements like an updated media center or new weight room.  The improvements should also be guided by the school’s long range planning documents, which are maintained and updated by the administration,” Mancini said.

Keeping these plans and documents up-to-date will continue to keep students engaged in school. Arts and athletics also play an important role in school spirit and keeping students interested.

“Having these teams and programs available help to round out the high school experience,” said Mancini. “Based on the percentage of students that participate in some type of extra-curricular at Del Val, it is critical that a proper amount of attention and resources are paid to each of these programs.”

Del Val has a friendly and respectful community that Mancini appreciates, especially as an alumnus of the school.  He believes that Del Val has a positive public image that he wishes to maintain, and even improve, over his next term.

“The people make Del Val and the community special.  As a coach in another district, the students of Del Val are the envy of many.  It is a family atmosphere where everyone is committed to the success of each other,” said Mancini.

Mancini has pride in Del Val and is looking forward to helping future students and the community that surrounds the school.  This can be accomplished by continuing to focus on the needs of the students and offering them the best opportunities and resources to be successful in life after high school.

“We have created a personalized student-centered learning environment based on digital learning strategies.  In order to become a ‘Future Ready’ school, you need to have an appropriate curriculum, proper use of space and a highly equipped infrastructure.  In order to continue living up to that title, we need to continue to invest back into the school and the facilities that support it.  We need to be on the cutting edge of technology and systems,” said Mancini.

Running for reelection was an easy decision for Mancini.

“I graduated from Del Val and have a great sense of pride in the school.  I am running for the BOE to help provide current and future students of Del Val at least an equally positive experience as I had as a student and an athlete.  I have been a long time volunteer in the community and want to see every student succeed,” Mancini said.

If you agree with these ideas and wish to support this candidate, make sure to vote on Nov. 2.

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