World Series so far: Phillies vs. Astros


Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license

Game 3 of the World Series saw the Phillies shut out the Astros at Citizens Bank Park.

The Phillies and Astros are fighting back and forth as the World Series is currently tied 2-2.

In order to crown the 2022 World Champion, a total of four games must be won by one of the teams.

The Phillies have not been involved in the World Series since their victory against the Tampa Bay Rays in 2008. 

On the other hand, the Astros have experienced players who have been involved in several recent World Series. The Astros have been in five World Series: 2005, 2017, 2019, 2021 and 2022, but they only won the title in 2017.

For this World Series, the Astros have the home field advantage as the team has the better record. History has proven that the home team advantage is not a huge help, as only 52% of the teams given this advantage win. 

On November 3, the Astros pitched a no-hitter, tying the series at two games each before game five. The fifth game will be played tonight, Nov. 3, at Citizens Bank Park, starting at 8:03 p.m. eastern time. 

Noah Syndergaard will start as pitcher for the Phillies and Justin Verlander will take the mound for the Astros. 

As this year’s games continue, fans grow more anxious, as it is anyone’s game. The first night was a victory for the Phillies, 6-5, but the Astros won the next night, 5-2. The third game saw the Phillies win 7-0 and the fourth was a 5-0 win for the Astros, proving that either team could win the title. 

“The teams play competitive games and are both really good so it’s anyone’s win,” said senior Siara Santos.