National Honor Society blood drive Nov 16

The American Red Cross will arrive early on Wednesday Nov 16 to set up for this falls blood drive.

The Delphi Staff

The American Red Cross will arrive early on Wednesday Nov 16 to set up for this fall’s blood drive.

Delaware Valley Regional High School’s chapter of National Honor Society, in collaboration with the Red Cross, is continuing its biannual blood drive on Nov. 16 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Hutch Gym. 

The NHS and a representative of the Red Cross have worked together for many years to coordinate and host a blood drive twice a year. After these dates are set, members of NHS plan, prepare and advertise the blood drive to the community, as well as students, about the event.

Last spring was the first time Del Val hosted a blood drive since 2019. The Red Cross provides all the phlebotomists, people trained to perform blood draws, and equipment needed, and NHS then provides people who help to make sure it is a welcoming experience for everyone involved.

The NHS wants everyone to donate, but there are some requirements: you have to be 16-years-old or older and in good health, feeling well, and at least 110 pounds.

Donating blood helps many people, and all blood types are wanted; however, O-negative blood is most desirable since it’s universal, meaning everyone can receive it. 

Tomorrow’s blood donations will help many people in the community. They help patients survive surgeries, cancer treatments, chronic illnesses and traumatic injuries.

The Red Cross will let NHS know how many units were collected and how it will be used. 

Donating blood will provide life to others. Please consider donating if you are able to.