Urinetown: How it all came together


Mr. Farnsworth

The poster for Delaware Valley Regional High School’s rendition of Urinetown

Gino Colucci, The Delphi Contributing Writer

The winter musical is over and has been for over a month, however, there might be some people out there wondering “how did it all come together?” Worry not, I’m here to tell you! First let’s talk about “the reveal.” For me, it was my first one and I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t even think I would be auditioning. We all went into the auditorium and everyone had their ideas of what the show might be. Then, Mr. Ambs revealed the pay would be Urinetown, and no one really knew what to expect.

After the reveal came the tryouts. They were held after school, and honestly, I wasn’t going to even bother. However, there was one person who changed my mind, and I couldn’t be more thankful for him. I went to Mr. Wells for help on something for college, then on my way to gym, he stopped me and his words are what inspired me to try out for the show. He trusted and believed in me enough to give me a shot, and I made it in to the show.

My role wasn’t huge (I was in ensemble and didn’t know what to expect), but it was my first musical. What I knew was that I was excited and ready to get into it. Rehearsals were so much fun. Interacting and getting closer with everyone in the cast was amazing. Yeah, we messed around, but we always got the job done and always put our hearts into the show. Obviously, there were some bumps in the road, but that’s all a part of performing. Bringing such a large cast together isn’t an easy task, but we had the best directors we could ever ask for. They helped bring our extremely huge family together. Everyone had so much love for the show that we would practice the dances, the songs and our acting whenever we could. We sang the songs in the car while driving to practice and back home, and we always reminded ourselves of how amazing we wanted the show to be. In the end, it all came together and Urinetown was ready for an audience. Being in this show was amazing experience, and it’s something that neither I, nor any of the cast, will ever forget.

I know that this article is from my perspective, but I have a few more to write before I graduate. Urinetown will always be marked down as one of the best musicals, and with the remaining time I have, I’ll leave my mark the way I see fit. Get ready for more inside scoops and stories to come!