The impact of “I Am Greta”

Alyssa Montanez, The Delphi Staff

I Am Greta, an environmental documentary, dives into the life of Greta Thunberg, a teenager from Sweden, demonstrating her role as an activist in the climate crisis.

The documentary is just as thought provoking as it is eye opening. Thunberg commences one of her speeches by stating “I want you to panic!” Her comparison to one’s house being on fire grabs everyone’s attention on how we should be attempting to immediately manage this current crisis.

The documentary also focuses on the young activist’s efforts for climate change and her influence on her peers towards the cause. The documentary can be found on Hulu and started streaming on November 13, 2020. This film offers insight on Thunberg’s day-to-day life as well as her attempts at impacting people in the harsh world of politics. 

The 1 hour and 42 minute film covers Thunbergs’ rise to notability from the day she went on a solo school strike for climate change to when she was invited to speak at the United Nations. The documentary offers a new perspective on how difficult it can be to make a difference in this world and to be taken seriously as a young person by older people in power.

The film portrayed Thunberg’s struggles with politicians and how they criticize the young activist based on her age as well as her developmental disability and even the state of her mental health. From politicians to journalists, Thunberg is criticized from all angles; much of the criticism is degrading and inappropriate, all of which had nothing to do with her cause. It boggles my mind how many adults want to discredit, quiet and humiliate her for trying to do something that benefits all of humankind and generations to come. 

 Science has been shouting this message for the past couple of decades: the growth of the Great Pacific garbage patch, the withering ozone layer and so much more it would make your head spin! Why would humanity want to downplay this incredibly important topic?

I applaud Thunberg’s great efforts in highlighting our current role in the planet’s degradation from her public speeches to the way she lives her personal life. After all, we only get one Earth, so we all should do our part to prevent it from further deterioration

With that said, I hope to see more effective sustainable efforts put forth by mass producers of waste and harmful emissions, both of which have leading roles in the decline of our planet. I recommend everyone to take time out of their days to educate themselves on this growing issue to see what you can do.

Watching this documentary, or just reading this article, will help you become more aware. In sum, it doesn’t take much to become a responsible consumer of things. Properly dispose of waste and do your part as a resident on Earth.