The political climate of 2020-21


Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license

Protests have been common throughout the pandemic, with both political parties speaking out on national issues.

Joe Flynn, The Delphi Editor

Over the past 4 years, politics in America have been tense, to say the least.

Issues like healthcare, gun control, and policing in America have all been hot topics to debate. Divisiveness has gotten so bad that people can’t discuss these issues without fights occurring or others having to intervene. Some have compared the political climate in America today to the political climate in the 60s. Protests, statements and activism were how political activists got things done in the 60s, much like how activists get things done now.

A history teacher at Del Val spoke to whether, in their historical view, there was more political turmoil now or in the 60s. “Definitely now.  I feel that the group that was dissatisfied with the US Government was much smaller, although it did get a lot of attention.  Today, I feel like most Americans are dissatisfied in one way or the other, with the economy, race relations, and our social services system,”  they said.

With more political turmoil comes more division between people and politicians. When considering if political divisiveness has evolved since the 60s, they said, “ I feel that the current political divisiveness is rooted in our social services system, which really started to expand in the 1960s with forms of public health care, subsidized housing, etc.”

The past summer was rife with protests. People were protesting policing in America and the president’s job on the pandemic. Many people compared the summer of 1968 to the summer of 2020. When it comes to this comparison, they said, “Again, I feel it was a smaller dissatisfied group, whereas today I feel more Americans are dissatisfied, in whichever way they may be.  That is why I feel you have protests, riots, etc. coming from both sides of the fence today as opposed to mainly one side in the 1960s.”

In the 60s many politicians were exposed for being corrupt, something that rarely happened, today it is more common news. “While there has always been mudslinging and political differences, there still was an acceptance of decorum and respect coming from most politicians, at least publicly.  Whereas today, I feel both parties are lacking in respect for the other party, which is why we see such poor behavior on both sides, if you ask me,” they said.

After the Vietnam War ended people who protested the war felt they made no difference, and there was a red wave in 1972. Is there going to be another red wave in 2024, like there was in 1972 after the political activism of the 60s died down? They said, “I believe that former President Trump and his supporters will definitely come back to campaign hard in 2024.  It will be interesting to see to what extent the Democrats will be able to keep up the support they rallied in 2020.”

Politics will always have two sides to it. Hopefully people start to respect opinions others have, and being to understand instead of hate.