Del Val welcomes Principal Kays


Michael Kays

Principal Kays is proud to be a part of the Del Val family.

As Delaware Valley Regional High School welcomes the 2022-2023 school year, the school also welcomes its new principal, Michael Kays.

Principal Kays recognized Del Val for its uniqueness long before becoming principal. Although previously a resident of Warren County, he quickly became familiar with the community in the Hunterdon County area.

Kays was first introduced to the student body and faculty at Del Val when he coached football for Spotswood and Allentown High Schools and lacrosse at Allentown High School. He soon noticed the kind of people that came from Del Val and began to look forward to the games against the Terriers, regardless of the long bus ride.

When I saw that there was an opening here, I was really eager to see and learn more about the school,” said Kays.

Kays was not always a principal. He originally taught social studies at Allentown High School for 16 years. He enjoys teaching and the classroom, but 17 years ago he made the decision to return to school to get his masters and principal certificate.

After working at previous schools, Principal Kays came to realize that each school is unique in the way it operates to best serve the students. He also recognizes that every school has different opportunities for students, whether it is the clubs or extra curricular offerings.

When I saw that there was an opening here, I was really eager to see and learn more about the school.

— Michael Kays

“Although not as large as the school I was coming from, it was really impressive to see that Del Val is still able to provide a really wide array of different activities, extracurriculars, and academy programs for students,” said Principal Kays, who went on to praise the “strong rigor offered here at Delaware Valley.”

Outside of school, Principal Kays enjoys any time he is able to spend with his wife, two children, and dog, Marco. He also enjoys reading and has recently begun listening to audiobooks on his drive to school. Kays is an outdoorsman, with hiking and kayaking being some of his favorite activities.

Principal Kays is looking forward to the rest of the school year and is aspiring to get to know all of the student body before the year comes to an end.

“It appears to me that the kids like being here, and they have an eagerness to learn,” said Principal Kays. “I walk in and walk out of here knowing that every day, and it makes me feel like I made the right choice in coming to Del Val.”