Food shortages in America


The Delphi Staff

With Thanksgiving approaching, food shortages will have impacts on Americans’ holiday celebrations.

Siara Samtos, The Delphi Staff

2022 is moving at a rapid pace, and with winter coming in fast, more food shortages will surly follow.

Food shortages have been happening around America for various reasons, including farming issues, involvement in wars, infections and epidemics, falling temperatures and other resource shortages.

Many states across the U.S. rely on Ukraine and Russia as part of the food supply chain, but after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there was an interruption in that chain.

Climate change is also making its effect known, with freezing temperatures hitting the southern U.S. and overall warmer winters impacting food production.

Repeated illnesses, including the Covid-19 pandemic, taken their toll on humans and animals as well. 

Some items on the list of shortages in America will directly impact the upcoming holiday seasons. As many may have noticed, there was a shortage of Halloween candy because of the lack of sugar and flour.

The lack of butter, which is another unfortunate shortage due to the holidays coming up, is due to the rising costs of production and the labor shortages on dairy farms.

For those planning on watching Hallmark movies this holiday season, don’t be surprised to see that popcorn prices have increased. Droughts have made producing and farming corn more expensive.

The baby formula industry has also faced a shortage in the U.S. after one of the leading production plants shut down multiple times. There were babies who contracted bacterial infections that caused the FDA to close the plant, and then the plant was flooded.

Shits in temperatures, as well as worker shortages, have impacted the produce industry, and bread is becoming more scarce as the import of Ukrainian-produced wheat has stalled due to the war with Russia.

With Thanksgiving only a few weeks away, the turkey shortage is one of the most pressing for Americans. 

Due to this lack of resources, there has also been a rise of prices. In order to solve the problem, the best solution is to simply know which products are in short supply and to only buy what is needed. Doing so will make sure there is more food and groceries for everyone.