The Union Hotel: Haunted?

A local hotel may be a bridge between the living and the dead


Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license

The Union Hotel in Flemington, NJ is potentially the site of paranormal activity

Jaclyn Smith, The Delphi Writer

The Union Hotel in Flemington, New Jersey, mere miles for Delaware Valley Regional High School, was built in 1878 as an inn and was witness to the “Trial of the Century,” a trial which potentially began paranormal activity in the hotel.

In 1935, The Union Hotel was a witness to the “Trial of the Century,” during which the country watched as a judge heard the testimony concerning the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh Jr, who was the 20-month old child of the famous aviator, Charles Lindbergh. The boy was kidnapped, and later killed, by Richard Hauptmann, who was convicted of first degree murder during this trial. In 1936, Hauptmann was executed in the electric chair for his crime.  The hotel became the home for many individuals who were covering, and involved in, the trial.

Since the trial, the building has been transformed multiple times since this historic event.  The Historic Flemington website tells how the inn has evolved from a simple hotel to a hotel with a ballroom, bar, and restaurant. As of today, there have been varying occasions when paranormal activity has been spotted. Some of these events include the “Trial of the Century,” shoes walking by themselves, and a mysterious lullaby whose source was never found.

The restaurant within the hotel was closed in 2008 when it was put under construction in order to reopen the hotel portion of the building and add the ballroom.  Most of the known paranormal sightings seem to have taken place after the reconstruction was completed and the hotel was reopened.

According to, one of the first paranormal experiences occurred when a bouncer had locked the doors and turned to leave, only to have the doors swing back open. As the bouncer went to close the doors, he saw a pair of black children’s shoes walking up the main stairs. That wouldn’t be creepy, right, except for the fact that the shoes weren’t attached to a body.

Have you ever heard a sound in the wind, but you couldn’t determine its origin? That happened to one of the managers of the Union Hotel late one night. While finishing up for the night, the manager heard a girl humming a lullaby. reports that the manager was the only person in the room at the time, but she felt like there was someone else in the room. The manager never found the source of the humming.

Why the paranormal is connected to The Union Hotel is unknown. Whether it is due to the dark nature of the Lindbergh baby trial or due to an unknown event that took place involving the hotel, the origin is unclear. No one has been able to make that connection yet, so for now these legends will remain as mysterious as they seem. At least these paranormal events haven’t caused harm…yet.