Phillipsburg vs. Easton high school rivalry

Kadie McNally, The Delphi Staff

A rivalry between Phillipsburg and Easton High School has been going on for years.

Every year, the two schools face off in a Thanksgiving football game. Easton leads the all-time series 59 to 41 with five ties. Each year, whichever team loses usually retaliates with a prank. In 2012, both teams “pranked” each other, with Phillipsburg stealing Easton’s Red Rover statue which was later found damaged after it had been stolen. Easton chose to retaliate by hanging a dead cat on the front steps of Phillipsburg’s school. Police were heavily interested in this “prank” and wanted the culprits identified.

On November 26, Phillipsburg High School was pranked again. Someone spray-painted inappropriate pictures and words on the entrance of the school. It is the first thing a visitor sees when entering the school. Sadly, now it is tainted by this vandalism.

Not only was the wall graffitied, but so was the front lawn and sidewalks of the school. News sources confirm that Easton students were responsible for the damage to the school, but the identities of those individuals is still unknown. Time will tell after further investigation.