Environmental Club helps keep Del Val green


Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license

Environmental Club reminds Del Val students to practice good recycling habits

Kalliopi Alexis, The Delphi Staff

Being conscientious of our environment is necessary in order to sustain a healthy world, and recycling is one of the most powerful ways to take care of the planet. The Environmental Club’s mission here at Del Val is to accomplish exactly that – creating a clean environment through recycling.

    This is the first year the club has been run by Ms. Sarah Ruppert and Ms. Ruth Graves, and they have some exciting plans in store for the last few months of school. “The 2018/19 mission of the Environmental Club is to help promote awareness of our environment, educate our school community on how to be more environmentally sustainable, and to help make ‘green’ changes to our school,” says Ms. Ruppert. In fact, on April 27th, the club is going to be working with the Hunterdon County Park System at Echo Hill Park during an Earth Day event where they will have a table and be sharing information about the sending districts’ recycling programs.   

    The club also works with other organizations. For instance, the Friday Recycling Program is working with Sustainable Jersey, an organization that provides the tools and resources for schools and communities to support a clean and safe environment. In working with Sustainable Jersey, the club is working to earn a status that will allow them to qualify for “Green” grants.

    The club also practices 2 methods of recycling, terracycling and regular recycling. Terracycling garbage includes toothpaste tubes and caps, ink cartridges, cell phones and smartphones, digital cameras, calculators, and many more. In using terracycling, the club will use this process to eventually fund a solar powered iPad charging station. Regular recycling is used to facilitate paperlike/cardboard, glass, and bottle products.

    The Environmental Club is currently looking for new volunteers. This small club is undoubtedly creating a huge impact on the school and the environment. In addition, they are also running an Earth Day Photo Contest.  ”It’s important for people to be aware of their surroundings and their environment. We only have one Earth, and we must look after it,” says Ms. Graves. So, if you are looking for a fun, rewarding way to positively transform your surroundings, join the Environmental Club!