Slideshow: Del Val’s eighth grade orientation 2022

On Dec. 5, 2022, Delaware Valley Regional High School held its annual eighth grade orientation. Eighth graders from the sending districts came to Del Val for the day, and their day was filled with presentations, activities and other events. (Avery Fitz)
This was Principal Michael Kays’ first eighth grade orientation at Del Val. Kays assigned the eighth graders into groups where they were paired up with a team of Peer Leaders that would guide them through the stations. (Avery Fitz)
Mr. Pearl gave a presentation to the incoming freshman. He gave an overview of the Engineering Academy and highlighted the best aspects of the academy, explaining why the eighth graders should consider taking engineering classes. (Avery Fitz)
Supervisor of Counseling, Kristina Sterbenc, welcomed the eighth graders into the newest renovation at Del Val, The Commons. At this point during orientation, the upcoming freshmen were able to socialize with other students from the different sending districts. (Avery Fitz)
While in The Commons, the incoming freshmen were treated to hot chocolate and cookies. During this time, the eighth graders were able to hang out and take a break from all of the presentations. (Avery Fitz)
The Fine Arts department held a presentation which showcased some of the students’ best pieces of artwork. During the slideshow, the eighth graders were given paper and pens that they could draw on. (Avery Fitz)
The Del Val Peer Leaders are the pinnacle of the eighth orientation. They guide the upcoming freshman through each presentation and answer any questions the eighth graders may have about high school. (Avery Fitz)
Every 10 minutes the eighth graders would move to a new station where they would be greeted by new students and faculty. Each station would show the eighth graders the diverse opportunities that are waiting for them at Del Val. (Avery Fitz)
Mrs. Grady assisted the eighth graders as they experimented with different scientific and medical equipment. This station introduced these future Del Val students to the Biomedical program and what it offers. (Avery Fitz)
During the eighth grade orientation, Del Val was able to showcase the many electives that it offers, one of which is astronomy; at one station, the incoming freshmen were able to go inside of the Starlab. The Starlab projects constellations, the sun and many other fascinating aspects of outer space on its walls. (Avery Fitz)
Principal Kays was thrilled with how his first eighth grade orientation went at Del Val, and he is excited to see them all at Del Val next year. Kays reminds all the incoming freshmen that the transition to high school is not always scary; it can be fun too, just like him. (Avery Fitz)