I believe

A poem

Emilia Tippett, The Delphi Staff

I think people like being in the back of the room

because there is a sense of invisibility,

of seeing things that nobody else can see,

a sense of hollow greatness

and not being able to go any further than the concrete wall behind you.


You think you are unheard and invincible in your own right,

and I believe that.


I believe great things can happen in that little corner of the room

and great people are hiding in plaster like foxes

hiding in the tall grass in Spring,

just watching, making sure not to cause awareness

of what is stalking in the brush.


The quiet scheming of plots, secret plans for picnics on train tracks

and everything in-between can be found there.


We are the wild things unseen,

unseen by the florescent lights,

and I believe in that.