Togo: A review



Hannah Spinetta, The Delphi Staff

Togo is a lovable movie about a sled dog that has to save a small town that will warm the audience’s hearts.

Almost every child grew up hearing the story of Balto: the dog that saved Nome, Alaska. The canine that saved children from dying of Diphtheria. He dog that led a team of sled dogs pulling a sled full of antitoxins through the snow.

Does everyone know the story of Togo, though? Togo is a film about the actual dog that brought the antitoxins through the frozen tundra, while Balto was the dog that picked up the sled and only brought it some of the way to Nome.

The film is outlines the details of this real-life story carefully. The animation of the tundra and the settings is well created, and it is easy for viewers to determine the era during which the film is set. The film was also well-cast, as the actors and actresses portray their characters thoughtfully and emotionally.

The movie is full of emotion in every scene, balancing heart-warming moments with heart-breaking ones. This movie will definitely reach dog lovers’ hearts. The bond between Seppala and Togo is a tear-jerker, especially as audiences witness Seppala start to love his outcast dog. The suspenseful scenes where their lives are in danger are enhanced by the love between the two.

Togo is a movie that will make audiences feel good about the world. The film’s tone will shift from sad to hopeful, and every scene is filled with emotion. Togo is a wonderful film, especially for dog-lovers and families alike. 5/5 stars.