Staff spotlight: Avery Fitz


Brian Smith

Last year, editor-in-chief Avery Fitz won the Student of the Month award for her 9/11 anniversary article.

Gihon Warren, The Delphi Staff

As a new year begins for ‘The Delphi,’ Avery Fitz is excited her third year on the staff. 

She joined ‘The Delphi’ as a sophomore because she always loved writing and her mom was a writer.

“My mom was a writer so I was like I’ll try it out,” said Avery.

She sadly joined the paper during the pandemic, so she did a lot of her work, including interviews, online.

“It was kinda weird being virtual, but I immediately fell in love with it,” said Fitz.

Ever since then,  Fitz has written 26 articles. Her first article was about the climate, which she thinks was pretty good for her first article. Her favorite article, however, was “Del Val community remembers 9/11 on 20th anniversary.” She is very proud of it, and she interviewed a lot of great people for the article. 

When she joined ‘The Delphi,’ she became an editor, much to her surprise.

“I didn’t really know editing was a thing,” said Fitz. “I never expected to become an editor.”

Fitz enjoys being an editor, and for her senior year, she has become editor-in-chief. 

Fitz may write a lot, but she has other interests as well. She is a vegan and really likes sitcoms. She loves cats, of which she has three. She is a night person and is involved in many performing arts activities, including the marching band and the school plays.

Fitz is excited to finally finish high school and move on to college.

“I would like to become a nurse,” said Fitz.