Mr. Ambs presents Urinetown!


Samuel Robinson

Thai Branowski in Urinetown

Grace Bush and Clare Erwin

Del Val’s winter musical, Urinetown, premieres Thursday, February 28th at 7pm, and continues with a Friday night performance, as well as afternoon and evening performances on Saturday.

Mr. Ambs is once again directing the winter musical. When asked about his theater background, Mr. Ambs stated that, “In 8th grade, my Choir teacher, Mr. Quillin, convinced me to try out for the play, I gave it a shot, and I fell in love with acting.” Up until then, Mr. Ambs had spent his middle school years in choir classes, developing skills in piano, percussion, guitar and even the saxophone. Since Mr. Amb’s debut in theatre in 8th grade, he spent his high school and college years acting in various plays. Before he developed his love for the theatre, he had also played soccer and later swam as a varsity swimmer for his high school.

Although the name Urinetown is less than ideal, it’s actually, as Mr. Ambs points out, a euphemism for death. It’s a place for the unlawful, a place for those who disobey the government’s ban on free urination. The satirical comedy (based on the plays of Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht) takes place in the near future when a massive shortage of water leads to the establishment of private toilets and the malevolent UGC, or Urine Good Company, who take ownership over these facilities. A revolution sparked by protagonist Bobby Strong (Thai Branowski) soon takes place against the powerful CEO of the company, Caldwell B. Cladwell, and the tax on urination. Romance also plays its part as Bobby falls in love with the innocent daughter of the CEO, Hope Cladwell.

Urinetown was chosen for its charm and apparent wittiness. Mr. Ambs was exposed to the musical in 2006 when his then college roommate was involved in the ensemble. The little knowledge he had on this musical drove him to learn more, so he attended his school’s production of the play. When asked, Mr. Ambs said “I was instantly won over by its tongue-in-cheek charm, and from start to finish, the show had me rolling in the aisles. The dialogue is exceptionally witty, and the songs are riveting, despite their seeming simplicity.” Mr. Ambs not only loved the charm and wit of this musical but also its ability to not take itself to seriously despite its satire of government greed and mismanagement. Ambs states that he cannot wait until he can bring this musical to life on stage this weekend.

Grab your tickets at lunch or at the door for $12, and come out to support the talented students at Del Val in their production of Urinetown.

For more information on this year’s musical, check out episode 91 of DV TV!