Adam Sandler’s movie-making formula


Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license

Adam Sandler

Wyatt Titus, The Delphi Staff

While Adam Sandler is a talented comedian and actor, his decisions as a movie producer are questionable. He is formulaic with his design, and he commits a few deadly “sins.” These sins have led to poor quality movies, mild racism, and questionable money-making means. These decisions have made him one of the more disliked, but richest, Hollywood entities today.

Adam Sandler’s most noticeable, yet tamest, “sin” is his poor movie quality. Objectively speaking, Sandler’s movies are received terribly by critics with almost all of his movies being under 50 percent on Rotten Tomatoes ( His films mainly suffer from a tired formula involving a barely lovable loser down on his luck. Recently, he has branched out into animated films with the Hotel Transylvania series which sports a fresh facade, but upon closer inspection, it seems Sandler is still up to his same old formula.

The second of Sandler’s “sins” is his habit of making racial jokes for a cheap laugh. This would be fine, if not a bit distasteful, if it was only once in a while but it’s constant! In one of his Netflix originals, the main punchline is made against Native Americans, he gives them derivative names such as “smoking fox” (The Ridiculous 6). When the Native American actors eventually complained, Happy Madison Productions was dismissive and rude, causing them to walk off set. During this same film, Sandler made the actors wear make up to make their skin tone darker.

Finally, Sandler most heinous “sin” is the financial profits that he makes off of his films. Sandler makes a whooping dollar for every $3.40 a film returns, making him one of the most overpaid actors in Hollywood (Pomerantz). But that is only what Sandler makes as an actor; so you must add what he makes as CEO of Happy Madison Productions and his exuberant upfront fees, most often upwards of 15 million. All of this money adds up so that he always lands on his feet no matter how bad a film may “flop.” He made 41 million dollars off of Pixels, a film that only grossed 71 million dollars.

Sandler follows these sins in almost all of his formulaic movies, making him one of the worst Hollywood giants. It’s a shame too, because this man is a great actor. His career has turned out a few good films such as Punch Drunk Love and Funny People. Even so, after all this time people still have hope and trust in Sandler’s movies. For the record, Sandler is worth 360 million dollars.