Hidden talents: Ms. Severns

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Jessica Severns is an English teacher at Del Val

Ms. Severns is an English teacher at Delaware Valley Regional High School, and she loves playing the ukulele.

When Ms. Severns was younger, she would always compete in junior singing competitions. However, during college, she found her love for the ukulele. She was told she needed to play a track of music she created or perform karaoke, so she decided to play the ukulele because it only had 4 strings and wouldn’t be very difficult.

Her discovery for her love for the ukulele was more of a coincidence. Ms. Severns credits beginning to play the instrument to “desperate times and a general love of music.” After her initial encounter with the ukulele, she fell in love with the instrument. 

Ms. Severns also has many other hidden talents, such as her being very good with animals. Ms. Severns grew up on a farm, so she would naturally be surrounded by animals. “I grew up in a farming town, so I know how to ride horses and milk cows,” she said. She also enjoyed her time driving quads and dirt bikes around the farm.Ms. Severns has always enjoyed being outside and in nature.

Ms. Severns grew up watching football with her father, who was a Chicago Bears fan, and she also enjoys attending the Del Val football games. She is very supportive of her students playing sports. “Watching my students play and win is always awesome,” she said.