Step aside Miss America, here comes Mr. Del Val!

Gabriella Maffie, The Delphi Staff

Get ready, Del Val! The much anticipated Mr. Del Val event is right around the corner! This is the first Mr. Del Val competition in about 5 years, so students are very excited to see what will unfold. The Delphi spoke to Mrs. Miceli, co-advisor of National Honor Society and Media Center Specialist, who shared that the event will take place on Thursday, April 25 at 6:30 pm in the Auditorium. It will cost $5 at the door for admission, and proceeds will go to National Honor Society and Student Council.

This year, there are 13 contestants who were voted into the competition by the senior class. The competitors include Liam Miller, Jeffrey Bill, Jack Willard, Lane McCarty, Jack Bender, Joseph Cansfield, William Pearce, Caleb Bush, Tyler Neal, Alexander Foreman, Jonas Einhorn, Tanner Bertoldo, Zachary Fleming. Each contestant will perform a talent for the audience, and a panel of staff judges who will help decide who will take home the title. The night will also consist of a series of musical performances in between the performances of the various Mr. Del Val contestants.

Mr. Del Val is bound to be a fun night full of entertainment, so make sure to come out and support the National Honor Society and Student Council!