S.A.D.D. to host Mario Kart Tournament!

Gabriella Maffie, The Delphi Staff

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This week, S.A.D.D. is hosting its annual “Distracted Driving Awareness Week,” and with that comes the much anticipated annual Mario Kart Tournament. The event will take place this Thursday, April 25th at 2:30 in the cafeteria. The event will be hosted by the Students Against Destructive Decisions club (SADD), and it will run until about 4 PM. Like in previous years, there will be free snacks (including pizza!) and drinks provided by the club for a fun-filled afternoon. After enjoying the snacks, Mrs. Eckhardt will explain the rules to participants and the racing will begin!

Students will be given the opportunity to compete driving under “normal” circumstances with little to no  distraction, and later on, they will be able to choose if they want to race “distracted” while utilizing their phones or other objects. The idea is to mimic the dangers associated with driving under the influence. At the end of the tournament, a winner will be announced who will be awarded with a gift card! First place will win a $25 Amazon gift card, 2nd place will win a Jimmy’s gift card and 3rd place will be awarded with a Regal Cinemas gift card! This entire week (April 22-26), SADD will be located outside of the cafeteria during unit lunch advocating against driving while under the influence. The Mario Kart Tournament is always an enjoyable event for all involved and will not disappoint! Feel free to come out and support a great message!