Bring Your Child to Work Day Highlights

Gabriella Maffie, The Delphi Editor

This past Thursday, April 26, was national “Bring Your Child to Work Day.” Del Val puts on a terrific event for the children of the staff every year, filled with plenty of fun events for them to participate in.

The Delphi spoke to Ms. Romeo about the series of events, who says that preparations started almost a month ago. Ahead of the actual day, there were goodie bags put together to give to the kids who came to school. In all, there were around twenty-eight children who came, ranging from ages four to sixteen. There was a schedule of events sent out to staff which included animal dissections with Mrs. Ezzard, playing box ball in the gymnasium, a scavenger hunt run by Ms. Ruppert, making stress balls with Mrs. Eckhardt, making a bookmark in the library with Mrs. Miceli, and a movie viewing with Mrs. De Los Santos where popcorn and cookies were provided. Throughout the day, children were running around with big smiles on their faces as they moved about from activity to activity.

As usual, the day was extremely successful and a hit for all the children who came and spent the day with us at Del Val!