Ice cream trucks: a nostalgic experience


Sarah Behm

Ice cream trucks are a reminder of childhood, and they should make a comeback.

Sarah Behm, The Delphi Staff

Late 90’s kids got to experience the wonders of an ice cream truck, but moving into the 2000’s they started to go extinct.

Yes, anyone could go to a grocery store and pick up a Ben and Jerry’s pint, but there’s nothing like running towards the sound of that music on a hot summer day, all to get the reward of sinking your teeth into a fudge pop.        

Kids of Gen-Z do not tend to see the grand appeal, but in generations before, they could tell you the nostalgia and happy thoughts surrounding them.            

“Although our families didn’t have surplus money, parents always seemed to scrape up enough to share 15 minutes of pure and simple fun,” said David Behm.

Thinking about the joy these trucks gave kids, and the convenience they provided for parents, why would they go away?

Just like how clowns were originally a figure of joy and entertainment and then were then adapted to horror films, ice cream trucks have began receiving a bad reputation by horror films and shows, like Goosebumps, basing fear around them.

These films led to parents being fearful of giving their kids a couple solemn dollars, ultimately running the trucks out of business.

“There is just something about the music the truck plays to draw children in, and the stereotypical man behind the window,” said Joan Monico.                                 

Now with ice cream trucks’ absence, when one comes down the street it’s about as rare as a four-leaf clover.

In Hunderton County, though we don’t have ice cream trucks, we have Jimmy’s, one of our community’s favorite ice cream parlors, reaching the soft spot of many by offering our favorite classics of sundaes, milkshakes and more.

“Grabbing ice cream will always be a staple,” said Philip Mercadante. “It’s perfect out with friends, family, or even a date.”

Yes, ice cream itself hits the spot, but something about leaving the air conditioning to go out for half an hour with people you care about that is a whole different experience.

Whether it be a truck or a local spot, generations moving forward should have the opportunity to create these memories as well.