The Delphi staff learns from professional podcasters


Mr. Smith

Vinnie Civitillo and Kate Conroy speak with Sarah Nerwinski about podcasting

Sarah Nerwinski, The Delphi Staff

On April 26th, 2019, Vincent Civitillo and Kate Conroy visited the 2019 journalism class at Del Val to teach the staff about podcasting.

Civitillo and Conroy started their podcast, Other People’s Business, to promote employees and the company they work for, the New Jersey Business and Industry Association. They became interested in podcasting when Kate Conroy first became interested in podcasts. Conroy says “I thought that they were very fun, interesting, and cool, and I was listening to the NPR politics podcast, and it was a different experience from just turning on the radio.” Conroy also enjoys how podcasts are less formal and very engaging. Conroy thought about creating a podcast, and it just so happened that a co-worker who had a podcast at her business was unfortunately leaving. Conroy took this opportunity to speak to fellow co-worker, Vincent Civitillo. She recalls saying to Civitillo,  “You know what we should do? Our coworker is leaving. We should do a podcast on the members! Just have it be fun and interesting.” The two have been coworkers and friends for four years. They wanted to make their personalities known to the world as well as other employees. As the cliché goes, the rest is history. The two podcasters have been podcasting for two years, and their first podcast aired on YouTube on July 20th, 2017. Their first episode was about superpowers and “personal” theme songs with their guests from Arch Insurance.

The two creators recently took time off of work to come talk with the The Delphi staff about how to develop, produce and publish a podcast. Civitillo was a Journalism major in college, and Conroy was a History major, but she also wanted to teach. When they got Mr. Smith’s invitation to teach the class, they jumped at the opportunity. Civitillo and Conroy viewed it as a ‘bucket list’ experience, since it was relating to something that they love to do. During the session, they discussed how to start a podcast, which includes: coming up with a topic, pitching it, obtaining the proper equipment, and prepping for the show. Both Civitillo and Conroy listened to The Delphi’s podcast, Dark History, and provided helpful tips relating to improve Del Val’s first podcast.

The class really benefited from Civitillo and Conroy and will be taking everything they said into account when producing future episodes. Please listen to the Other People’s Business podcast, and show Vinnie Civitillo and Kate Conroy some love (with a 5-star review)!

You can find their podcast here: Other People’s Business