My advice to future seniors


Ms. Ruppert

Ryan Levy, Class of '19

Ryan Levy, The Delphi Staff

It’s crazy to think that it’s the last couple of weeks of senior year. It’s been a fun four years, but I am looking forward to the future. I remember my first day of freshman year, feeling lost and not knowing where to go. It was definitely a hard transition going from middle school to high school because of not knowing people, but playing a sport helped with that. I recommend playing a sport because doing so will help create long- lasting friendships. 

Soccer and baseball were the two sports I played in high school, and I think it would be difficult to have the friends that I do if it weren’t for that. Aside from sports, there were a bunch of classes to choose from like Marketing and Photography which got me out of my comfort zone and trying something new. 

Freshman and Sophomore years are probably the most stress-free years as there was no substantial consideration concerning college. When Junior year began, I had to worry about SATs as well as starting my college search. Yes, senior year is supposed to be the “relaxing year,” but in a way it was still stressful, especially when making a decision for college. My advice to the fellow upperclassmen is to not procrastinate with anything for college so you can enjoy your senior year. 

I think one of the most important pieces of advice I can give after looking back on my time at Del Val is that it flys. If you’re hoping to try a new sport or a join a club, don’t hesitate to do so because high school goes faster than you think. It feels like yesterday that I was a helpless freshman, and now I’m going on to be a college student. Of course I’ll miss the fun times I’ve had in high school, but I’m looking forward to what the future holds.