Countdown: a film review


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Film Poster for Countdown

Abigail Hancsin, The Delphi Staff

Justin Dec directs a new bone-chilling movie, Countdown, which was released on October 25th.

The film stars Anne Winters, Elizabeth Lail, Jordon Calloway, and more, trying to escape their fate set by an app which tells users how long they have left to live. When Quinn (Elizabeth Lail), a new young nurse is told she has 3 days left to live, she must find a way to save her life.  

While the plot may seem interesting, Countdown has more than its fair share of critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, it’s given a score of 25% on the Tomatometer with the overall consensus being “dull and forgettable” and “rent-em and forget-em.” 

On the other hand, IMBD does give it an average rating of 5.3 stars out of 10, so it seems that the critics on that site enjoy it more than the Rotten Tomato critics. Most of the individual reviews state that “it is flawed but not completely awful,” “such a great scary movie!”, and “a combination of funny moments and unexpected scares.” 

Countdown certainly has its positives and the negatives. One aspect that made the film less impressionable was its number of subplots. Many characters are randomly introduced just to see them die and have no connection to the overall plot.

While a few subplots don’t really matter, the movie was basically made up of pointless subplots. Despite this “fatal” flaw, there were a lot of frightening jump scares with a great suspenseful build up. Some comedic moments were also written in. Be sure to push through the first scene (it was quite dull) and after that you will be glad you spent those 10 dollars on a ticket. 

Countdown could be a great movie with more fine tuning and a lot of script touch-ups. Now remember, if you do decide you want to know your fate, all you need to do is beat the clock by one second.