The importance of a coach

Jaclyn Smith, The Delphi Writer

A coach is someone who improves the skill level the players, of varying ages, on his or her team.

Although this is the definition of a coach, there is much more to the job. A coach can also be a support system and confidant for his or her players. According to freshman Nick Reichert, a coach “makes everything happen, and even though the players play the game…the coach makes the team in their own image.” A coach holds a team together and makes sure that the team is performing to the best of its ability.

Coaches have a responsibility to their players on the field and off. They understand the responsibility that they hold when it comes to their players. A coach not only gives advice about a sport, but also about life. One of the main pieces of advice that Coach Stoudt gives to all of her players is “if you make a mistake shake it off […] get up and make the next play.” This advice will stick with her players even after they leave Del Val. A coach’s advice not only helps a player play the game, but it also gives them an assist in life. Whether those players are to become coaches or not, the advice that their coaches give them in high school will forever be with them.

There are different reasons as to why a coach takes on the job, whether it be for a love of the sport or for a love of teaching others. Coach K wanted to be a coach because “coaching was the easiest and most obvious solution that I had in giving back, and continuing that passion.” Meanwhile, Coach Haughey said he decided to become a coach because, “Coaching runs in the family. My dad was my high school football coach…. You love playing sports, and it’s the closest we can get back to playing the sport…. Pregame jitters, and that excitement, once you stop being a player that’s a hard thing to lose.” Coaches are actually players at heart, and they help keep the team together by setting positive examples and teaching skills.

One of the main pieces of advice that Coach Haughey gives to his players is “that there are no redos in the season. Hopefully at the end of the year, we’re proud of everything that we’ve accomplished. Take it one day at the time, [and you] don’t get to do it again, so do it right the first. Give it a hundred percent, [and] at the end of the day, win or lose, we can be proud.”