Teachers: Why they do what they do


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Quote by Ken Poirot that describes what a teacher does.

Jaclyn Smith, The Delphi Writer

Teachers, the people whose job it is to share their knowledge with their classes, also have other long-term effects on their students’ lives

A teacher can affect how a student feels about school. This can affect a student’s entire school experience. Teachers can mold students’ opinions of school, and that responsibility isn’t an easy one to have. Teachers not only have to teach students, but they also mold their attitude of learning.

Their job isn’t easy; they answer questions about topics not related to the class, help students deal with problems in their lives, or having to repeat themselves a million times because a student wasn’t paying attention. Mrs.Grady, a Del Val science teacher, explains that she became a teacher because she is “a natural teacher […] and enjoys telling people about things that [she] knows.” Whereas for Mr. Murphy he “had some very influential math teachers […] they had a large impact on [his] life, and [he] figured would want to do the same for students.”  They put time aside outside of school for their students; to help them improve.

One freshmen that has been helped by a teacher this year is Nick Reichert who said that “the teacher who helped me the most is Mrs. Grady. I was really struggling in Unit 2, and she helped me […]and [now]I am very happy working in her class.” A teacher goes out of their way to make sure that students understand the content in order for them to be able to use it in life, or harder classes. The amount of work that they put into their students can determine a student’s opinion on school, and learning.

Teachers influence students’ lives in and outside of school. According to Courtney Blanchard, a teacher is “is always trying to help their students […]help them improve.” A teacher is someone who not only helps their students with school, but also cares about them enough that they also help their students with life related topics as well.

Being a teacher isn’t easy.  They have to teach a certain curriculum, and make sure that students are ready for the world outside of school. However,  somewhere in all of that they still have opportunities to learn from their students. According to Mrs. Grady there’s  a chance to learn “the hiccup cure.” Courtney Blanchard also said that a teacher is “someone who is always there for me when I need help with something […] is caring [and]compassionate about what they do […]cares for their students.”