Hoops for Heart raises thousands to fight heart disease


Mr. Smith

Your Hoops for Heart Champions

Courtney Higgins, The Delphi Staff

On February 21st, Del Val hosted its annual Hoops for Heart fundraiser in The Hutch gym.

There were 22 teams participating in the event, and those students raised a total of $4,700. According to the American Heart Association, “At the intersection of science and technology, the American Heart Association (AHA) Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine (Institute) fuels research breakthroughs in an effort to preserve and prolong health by more precisely predicting, preventing, and treating cardiovascular diseases and stroke.” The annual fundraiser has been going on for about 30 years at Del Val, each year getting more successful and more popular.

Being a freshman, this was my first year at Hoops for Heart, which was more than just a fundraiser. It is definitely an experience to remember, especially seeing some of the teams dressed up in cheetah print night gowns with zebra print biker shorts, while other teams were dressed up in night gowns and flamingo slippers. As The Delphi interviewed all of the teams, the staff got to see all their costumes and hear all their team names, which were definitely all very interesting. When you walk into the gym you are told that it is just a bunch of basketball games, but in reality, it is so much more.

Despite all of the chaos and craziness, at the end of the day, Del Val raised almost five thousand dollars. The most important part is that we helped to save many lives and we came together as a school to support a great cause!