Student’s perspective of distance learning days


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Social Distancing has closed lockers and doors at Del Val, but quality education continues online.

Courtney Higgins, The Delphi Staff

Del Val got a head-start on Distance Learning Days (DLDs) at the beginning of this year when staff and students began to experiment with online conferences in case of a snow day. This way, the day that we were not in school would not have to be made up at the end of the year; it could just be turned into a day where we did all of our classwork online through the use of Canvas conferences. Unfortunately, for many other schools, this was not the case.

Beginning on March 16, 2020, Del Val began its DLDs as part of its social distancing plan for the Coronavirus. Day 1, as to be expected, was rocky with technology glitches, confusion and much more, but each day, it becomes better and better. The schedule for DLD is:

Block 1 (A/B): 10:00-10:45

Block 2 (A/B): 11:00-11:45

Block 3 (A/B): 12:00-12:45

Block 4 (A/B): 1:00-1:45

These conferences run exactly like a regular class period would in school, but they are half the length. Throughout the classes, teachers assign students lectures, assignments, and readings through the online conference rooms, just like a regular school day.

As Del Val moves through this crazy and unforgettable time in American history, which will be remembered for years to come, there are many scenarios that students and teachers around the world are having to adjust to. Del Val, along with thousands of other schools around the world, are moving through uncharted territory that is hard to navigate, but each day it is becoming easier. All we can do is stay patient and hope that this crazy point in history comes to an end soon.