Find My Friends: Could sharing your location save your life?


Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license

The Find Your Friends app can help save a life.

Kadie McNally, The Delphi Staff

A recent story has come out about a 22-year-old nursing student who was found murdered by her friends using an app called, “Find My Friends.”

Haley Anderson was murdered by Orlando Tercero, her boyfriend at the time. When Haley first disappeared, reports, “none of her friends were immediately concerned.” After a full day of no communication, her friends started to worry. They were all connected on the Find My Friends app, and they discovered her phone was in Orlando’s apartment, along with her body.

Orlando had fled to Nicaragua by the time the body was discovered. He was later found guilty of Femicide which is “a Nicaraguan law that covers domestic or sexually motivated murders of women” Edmonds states.

This is a tragic story about a young woman who’s life was taken to early. This app didn’t save Hayley, but it caught her murderer and gave justice to Hayley and her family. Sharing your location with friends and family could save your life in many different ways, so keep that in mind.

For more information on the Find My Friends app, check out your favorite app store.