Del Val Quaran-Talent Show!


Mr. Smith

DVTV and The Delphi are hosting its first every Stay @ Home Showcase

Rebecca Matthews, The Delphi Staff

This year, DVTV and The Delphi are teaming up to host their first Stay at Home Showcase.

You might be thinking “what is this?” or “how will this work?” Any Del Val staff member or student can submit either a video or picture of any talent they have. Send the talents over to by Friday May 22. At 7 pm on May 29, tune in to DVTV’s YouTube channel to watch the show!

This gives plenty of people bored in quarantine something fun and exciting to look forward to. They can show off what they have been learning during quarantine or talents they have improved on since the start of social distancing.

The show gives people opportunity to have fun and to show off what they’re proud of. A lot of kids in this school are super talented, so allowing them to perform is amazing. It also allows families to look forward to watching their talents on display.

To learn more, check out the flyer! What are you waiting for? Go submit your entries!