Who is Dr. Bowe?


DVRHS Yearbook

Dr. Caryn Bowe is a Chemistry teacher at Del Val.

Avery Fitz, The Delphi Staff

While the students at Delaware Valley Regional High School know Dr. Bowe simply as one of the teachers, they might be surprised to learn that Dr. Bowe is an avid nature-lover, traveler, fitness junkie, and dog owner.

Dr. Caryn Bowe attended the University of Wisconsin, located in her home state. During her four years there, she achieved a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry. While at college, Dr. Bowe joined the marching band and played the clarinet, performing at most of the school’s sporting events. Dr. Bowe earned her Masters in Organic (carbon-based) Chemistry after years in grad school.  She then went on to earn a PhD in Organic Chemistry.

In grad school, Bowe had the opportunity to teach some classes, and she found that she really enjoyed that social aspect of science. After the chemistry lab that she worked at shut down, she decided that it was best for her and her family to make a change. That was 10 years ago, and she’s been at Del Val ever since. “I think it would be hard to go back and work in a lab again,” Dr.Bowe said.

In her free time, Dr. Bowe enjoys baking, reading, and walking her dog, Milo. Milo is a rescue pup, and he is a mix of Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Boxer, and much more. She recently started taking Milo to an agility course.

Dr. Bowe also loves to travel; she has already explored France, Belgium, and Holland. One of her biggest wishes is to travel to Hawaii and hike the volcanos. After that, she hopes to visit Italy, Thailand and Japan. Experiencing many diverse cultures and spending time in natural environments are high on her bucket list.

Dr. Bowe enjoys staying active as well. During summer break, she would wake up early every morning and go for a run. Additionally, Dr. Bowe spent her early mornings at the gym with Ms. Henderson, a fellow co-worker and friend.

Her favorite season is summer. According to Dr. Bowe, summer weather is perfect for runs and still holds enough free time to do some reading. She also enjoys winter days, but only if there’s certain conditions. “I’m a Wisconsin girl,” she said, meaning she likes the snow, but not the cold, dark days.

Dr. Bowe became quite elated and excited about this interview. “It just made me so happy to think that somebody I’ve never really met thought enough of me and our class, and that I’ve made enough of an impact that you would consider interviewing me.”