An inside look at adoption

Jaime Salerno, The Delphi Staff

Mrs. Salerno is a mom of two adopted kids, and recently shared her experiences with her process of adoption. Adoption is not an easy process, and only about 2% of the U.S child population is adopted. “It was terrifying because the idea of just receiving a baby and not knowing what they would look like, what they would be like, and also whether I would be able to love them,” Mrs. Salerno said.

Adoption isn’t easy, but sometimes that is the only option available if people aren’t able to have a baby of their own. “For about 5 or 6 years, I took injections and tried different treatments and went through painful procedures, and I did get pregnant 2 times, but they both failed. But still I couldn’t imagine myself not ever being a mom. So we finally came to the end of infertility treatments and then we had to face going through life without ever having kids or considering adoption,” Mrs. Salerno said.

She explained how hard the decision of adoption was for her and was doubting on considering the option until she went to a high school gathering. “An old high school friend came up to me and started going on and on about how he just adopted a baby and it was the most awesome thing. He introduced me to his wife and they were just so happy. And it was almost like God put us there at the same party to give me the courage to go to the next step and sign up with the agency that my friend gave me,” Mrs. Salerno said.

Adoption agencies are there to help, as well as the birth mother who has decided to go through with the process.“The way my agency worked is that you would fill out a questionnaire and tell them what you were open to, and what you were not open too. For instance, you could say I want a closed adoption which meant you never met or correspond with the birth mom, and following the birth there would be absolutely no contact, or you could say I want a totally open adoption and I’m willing to go meet the birth mom, and even attend the birth in the hospital,” Mrs. Salerno said. “So it was left up to you, and then the birth moms would fill out the same type of survey and then they would match you up.”

However, there’s even more to adoption than just waiting. There are a lot of expenses, legal restrictions, traveling, and potential challenges like a birth mom changing her mind about adoption. “It’s terrifying, and an emotional rollercoaster at some points, but I would do it all over again, and it was all worth it” Mrs. Salerno said.