The Umbrella Academy Review


Photo via Netflix

The cast of The Umbrella Academy

Jaime Salerno, The Delphi Staff

If you liked Stranger Things, you’ll definitely enjoy The Umbrella Academy: an action-packed, science fiction, superhero series. 

This show is different from any other superhero show. The Umbrella Academy is about 7 siblings who were all adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreaves. All of these children were born on the same day from women who had no sign of being pregnant the day before, and all of them each had something special about them. Sir Reginald Hargreaves created The Umbrella Academy so he can train his children to someday save the world. Not to mention they have a butler monkey named Pogo and a perfect mom, who almost seems too perfect.

As they grew older, they dispersed, but then only 6 reunited again since one of them had passed after they all left when they had heard of their father’s passing. The series is then about how all of them are trying to solve the mystery of how he died and how to stop a global apocalypse from happening.

It’s not only the plot that is interesting, but it’s also the characters’ personalities and powers that spice up the show. Starting off is Number 1: Luther. Luther has super strength and durability and is half human/half gorilla. Luther is a strict, emotional character who upsets the other siblings with his lack of communication and lack of asking how others feel about the situation.

Number 2: Diego. Diego has the ability to have perfect aim. He has daggers that he is able to throw perfectly and will be able to hit anyone on every try. Diego does not care what anyone has to say and just wants to get the job done.

Number 3: Allison. Allison has the ability to mind control anyone by saying “I heard a rumor” into anyone’s ear and they will then do as she says. Allison is a free spirit just like number 4. She is a superstar and has been put out into the public. She is also very caring and never wants to hurt anyone she loves.

Number 4: Klaus. Klaus has the ability to speak to the dead. Klaus is a free spirit, an extrovert, and a drug addict.

Number 5 doesn’t actually have a name. Number 5 is able to travel through space and time through little portals that he makes and is also a mastermind. Number 5 is a very serious, brilliant “man” who has such a dry sense of humor.

Number 6: Ben. Ben can summon tentacled monsters from his body and kill anyone; sadly, however, we do not get to see him since he is the one who passed, so we don’t get to know what his personality was like in season 1.

And finally, Number 7: Vanya. Vanya likes to be to herself since none of the other siblings were ever nice to her. She loves to play violin since she is an introvert. Unfortunately, she didn’t grow up like the rest of her family and was told her whole life that she had to step aside and let everyone else have the fun and go on missions because she didn’t have any powers…or does she?

Although the episodes are quite lengthy, running anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, this show really captures your attention. So far there are two seasons out, each having ten episodes, and is currently trending on being the most watched on Netflix.

Recently, on January 11, 2021, Netflix has officially announced the cast of season 3. Season 3 will introduce The Sparrows which includes the actors Justin Cornwell as Marcus (#1), Justin H.Min as Ben (#2), Britne Oldford as Fei (#3), Jack Epstein as Alphonso (#4), Genesis Rodriguez as Sloane (#5), Cazzie David as Jayme (#6), and Christopher (#7).