Baby Pluto x Pluto Album Review

Album Cover for Pluto x Baby Pluto

Photo via Epic Records

Album Cover for Pluto x Baby Pluto

Lil Uzi Vert/Future’s newest piece of work is their album Baby Pluto x Pluto.

After the release of the first version of the album, a deluxe version dropped soon after. The deluxe included hit songs such as “ Tic Tac,”” Heart in Pieces,” and “Baby Sasuke,” with “Tic Tac” being the most popular song in a long time for the two rappers. The album (including the deluxe) has 22 songs in total, and is slightly above average for most albums of this genre and time.

The original album was not liked in the slightest by Lil Uzi fans due to his change of overall style. Fans were also not happy that every song on the album, with an exception of one, featured Future. Many listeners think that Future’s presence hurt this album due to him being in practically every song. 

Once the deluxe album dropped, fans received more hope for Lil Uzi’s future, due to the songs being more focused on him and not Future. While Lil Uzi had songs that brought listeners back to his 2016 form, the beats were too fast-paced and leaned towards a beat Future would have used.

The best songs on the original album are “ Marni on Me,” “Real Baby Pluto,” “Million Dollar Play,” and “That’s it.” Due to there only being about 5 songs out of the 16 that fans found somewhat decent, many found the original album to be a failure.

Once the deluxe album dropped, many fans found all the songs to be decent and found 3 songs to stand out (“Tic Tac,” “Heart in Pieces,” and “Baby Sasuke”). The overall thoughts on the album, from a fan’s standpoint, is that it definitely could have been done better. If Lil Uzi decided to make the album by himself and made it in his style, many fans would have been more than satisfied by the album.