Working: The Musical; A look at the 2021 musical and director



Jessica Severns is an English teacher at Del Val

Rebecca Matthews, The Delphi Editor

Entering the new year comes a new musical at Del Val. The theme, however, is one that defines 2020 in a nutshell.

Titled Working: The Musical, this play truly encompasses the year 2020. From social distancing to being pretty much on lockdown, it covers it all. This musical combines a series of monologues and solos, allowing actors and actresses to be far enough apart for social distancing. Students are also not required to wear a mask due to the fact that they will mostly be going on stage by themselves.

As Mr. Ambs celebrates the birth of his son, Ms. Severns has stepped up to the plate to take control of the musical! Ever since she was little, she has loved musicals. “I was in my first musical when I was in the fourth grade and I fell in love with the whole theatre world. I went to college and studied theatre as well,” Severns said. Growing up with musicals in her life, she is sure to make this year’s amazing.

Are you wondering how prepared she is? She’s been working as a co-director for 6 years, 5 of which she was the Head of Wardrobe and Props. When Mr. Ambs, the previous director, stepped back, she knew it was her moment to shine.

With COVID-19 still being an issue, there are many precautions taken in order to fulfill the needs of the play. Severns mentioned, “Safety is our number one priority, so we are holding practice as safely as possible and are following all state and county restrictions.”

This musical will be like no other at Del Val! “We are seeing all of these challenges as opportunities,” Severns said.