A socially distant half time show

Rebecca Matthews, The Delphi Editor

For Super Bowl LV, The Weeknd performed during the halftime show.

Audiences had mixed reviews about the whole performance, but with COVID-19 still in the air, he was able to perform a socially distant halftime show that was one to remember.

There were many precautions put in place that made the show able to go on. During the opening song “Call Out My Name,” a choir performed socially distanced. They sat 6 feet apart in the stands in little “skyscrapers;” the whole choir looked like a city skyline. Each singer also wore red glasses and a shield, giving them extra protection.

During the song “House of Balloons,” over 250 dancers took the stage. They all wore red coats with white bandaged masks. Each dancer was spaced 6 feet apart with masks on the whole time.

Throughout the duration of the show, The Weeknd is seen mostly by himself, making this a super socially distant show!